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Godmanchester Community Education Trust is now Orchard Learning Trust

Vision & Values

Our Vision Statement:

Placing children at the heart of our communities as we work together to provide excellence in learning and unlock brighter futures.

Our Shared Values:


In all areas of our work we will aspire to achieve the best that we possibly can.


We care about all members of our community and ensure everyone's well-being and safety is paramount.


We will continually challenge ourselves and each other to improve in our work.


We will succeed in what we do through our determination and resilience.


Our schools will be positive environments where we all enjoy what we do.


We will always be truthful. If we have done something wrong we accept responsibility. We know when to say sorry.


We expect all who are involved in our schools to display respect to each other at all times.


We will always work as a team, sharing experiences and working together to excel in everything we do.